Museum and Bar in Sommocolonia: work continues

work 2016 sommocolonia

Under the auspices of the Associazione Ricreativa di Sommocolonia, work began over a year ago on the construction of a Visitor Centre in the old fortress (Rocca). The Visitor Centre will include a museum dedicated to the Battle of Sommocolonia which took place on 26th December 1944 and a bar providing refreshment for visitors to the village.

The Centre is being built on land made available by the Comune of Barga which also designed the building to meet the requirements of the Belle Arti.

Phase I, the construction of the walls, was complete by the end of 2015 at a cost of €70,000 and it is expected that the final total cost will be €150,000. Regular site meetings take place between the Associazione,   the Comune of Barga and the Associazione’s project manager.

The work so far has been made possible by using the Associazione’s funds and the generosity of the British and American families who regularly spend their summer holidays in Sommocolonia, many of whom have properties in the village and who want to support the work of the Associazione. Dr Gonnella, the Vice President of the Associazione praised their contribution saying, ‘Without their contribution we would have been unable to begin such an important project. It is a project which we fully believe in and we will continue our efforts to raise funds to cover the entire cost of the project. For Sommocolonia, the creation of a museum dedicated to the Battle of 1944, together with the bar, will be an important step for Sommocolonia in developing this small mountain village into a tourist attraction; it will also provide an excellent focal point for the inhabitants of the village.’

Project and construction start: