The village

The village

panorama of sommocolonia

The history of the village

Sommocolonia began as a fortified outpost of the Romans. A fortress with two towers and surrounded by walls, it remained independent until 1532 when it came under the control of Barga and became a centre of organised resistance to the Medici of Florence under the leadership of Matteo Bartoli.   Although the village was partially destroyed by bombing during the Second World War in the months between October 1944 and April of 1945 it still retains many of the characteristics of a medieval fortified village.

At the highest point of the village there is a monument to the group of partisans who died fighting alongside US forces during the battle of 26th December 1944.

Distance from Barga 7km, Height 692 metres above sea level, Population 35 ( as at 1st January 2015)

Photo Case courtesy of site BARGAINFOTO


Antonio Nardini tells us about the origins of Sommocolonia (Italian language)

Walking in the village