26 December commemoration

The day begins with mass followed by the laying of wreaths by the Comune at the monument to the fallen Italian and American soldiers, and the war memorial to those killed in the 1915-1918 war and to the civilians killed in the battle of 26 December.  There is a special tribute to LIeutenant Fox.

The ceremony is attended by the Mayor and officials of Barga,, the Association of Partisans, the Military Association, the Naval Association, the Alpine Association and a number of the victims’ families.


(“Rastrellamento”, xilografia di Adolfo Balduini) Barga is preparing to recall a dramatic episode of its history during the Second World War, what is known by all as “Battle of Sommocolonia”. In that incident, which occurred on December 26, 1944, the small mountain village was the scene of a violent confrontation […]

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