Walk of freedom of April 25, (2015)

Many countries have sites which are part of the tradition of the community. Places that are indispensable stages of special occasions.

For some years now the community of Barga has one: Sommocolonia, half favored to celebrate an anniversary, however, less festive than others, but one of great significance as April 25, the day of liberation.

Sommocolonia is a symbolic place in the history of World War II with regard to this community. Here, December 26, 1944, took place one of the bloodiest battles in the history of World War II with regard to Tuscany and here lost their lives, along with American soldiers and German ones, too many partisans and with them many civilians.

For this reason Sommocolonia place is linked to the Resistance and Liberation and for this reason some years now here there is the “Freedom Walk” or “Walking Liberty”, event sponsored by the Pro Loco of Barga that within a few years has seen a growing number of participants who willingly come to Sommocolonia to spend, between the official and especially desire to stay together waiting for the summer, a day unlike any other.

Sommocolonia has now become the place on April 25 in the community of Barga and today, too, we gathered hundreds of participants reached during the “Walk” and after. Welcoming them, the members of the Association Recreational Sommocolonia who organized the catering, also collecting funds to build the new museum / food court that will be built at the Rock of Peace, another symbol of the history of Sommocolonia

During the morning, for the most part official, the distribution of the third issue of the journal devoted to the anniversary of the Liberation, “The Seventieth” and laurel wreaths laid before in Barga, at the monument to the fallen, and then from Sommocolonia ‘Municipal Administration.A Sommocolonia wreaths were laid at the monument to fallen partisans 26 December 1944 on the hill of Monticino, and the war memorial in the church square. All this in the presence of Mayor Marco Bonini,  Mauro Campani, representing the section ANPI Barga, Massimo Nardini representing the Association of Recreational Sommocolonia.

Meanwhile, the country has been achieved and filled by the participants to walk that path the old, steep, but very impressive trail of Sommocolonia.

After a well-deserved refreshment, a little ‘break and relax, admiring the characteristic views that can be seen from the town or enjoying the tranquility of the lush green Rocca Peace. And spending the end, despite a gloomy sky and not just spring, a wonderful day.

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