Concert for peace (2014)

It ended with a gospel concert the daythat of 13 December last year – that the council has dedicated to the seventieth anniversary of the “tragic Christmas Barga”, that is, when, during the Second World War, the conflict between the forces of ‘axis and Allies present in our land escalated enough to lead the battle of Sommocolonia and in a systematic bombardment of the capital and some frazioni. The  gospel genre was chosen due to the fact that at the time was present in Barga and the Sommocolonia 92 ° Buffalo division, consisting of only black soldiers, who surely sang gospel and spirituals to celebrate Christmas. A type of song, so different from our traditional, which is stuck in my mind to those who heard him, so that among the many testimonies handed down there is also this.

To interpret the songs, at the theater of Different, the Voices of Heaven Gospel Choir of Pisa, who proposed songs “traditional” and modern all those presented by maestro Sandro Macelloni. Besides them, on stage for a few songs, the choir of the Community of Jesus present here in Barga, which – being the parent company in the United States – wanted to represent the “Moors” of Americans 92nd Buffalo Division which fought also on our front, Barga never forgotten at home and finally recognized.

And the better to remember, and to make known to the audience what was the war, the hardships that brought the destruction inflicted, the terror caused, along with the chants were read also testimonies taken from the works of Bruno Sereni, Solace Wales Sheets, Mario Camaiani to reconstruct the story of the arrival of the front, the bombings, the battle, the exodus, the return of peace. To interpret the “voices” of memories Valeria Belloni and Alessandro Lutri theater company The Fortunate Exceptions.

The events of December 13 were the prelude to the celebrations that will have as object Sommocolonia then, when on December 26 next will be joined by citizens, associations and administrators to remember the battle of the same name which marked one of the most serious and tragic for the local community .

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