The children’s festival in Sommocolonia (2013)

Sommocolonia for children welcomed many children last Sunday who took part in the second  “Once upon a time there was a king …”, a day designed just for children and organized by the Associazione Ricreativa di Sommocolonia that it took a new opportunity to discover this beautiful corner of the territory Barga; more beautiful than ever in this day, path and enlivened by the voices and footsteps of small children.
After the first edition last year, entirely dedicated to the commemoration of the tale of Pinocchio in Collodi, this time the reference to a contemporary children’s story, the tale of Esterina Lionheart Linda Di Canio, who was also present at the day; but told in a different way, through the drama and then the recitation of the good performers, young and old, the Workshop Theatre of Viareggio; and through art expression of children engaged with markers and watercolors in a painting competition extemporaneous.
There were games, acrobats and small gastronomic events and even the greetings of the authorities led by the Culture of the municipality of Barga, Maria Giovanna Stefani, with author Linda Di Canio.
the sun and the hot weather, the day was never muggy, thanks to a nice breeze that finally blunted the torrid climate this summer that had not yet arrived in the afternoon and in the end was enjoyable for everyone.

“Esterina Lionheart. A beautiful love story “
It is the story of two characters, so different, whose destinies are intertwined, creating a contrasting sentiment. A cow can win the heart of a lion? Yes … if the first is not torn! The story, at times hilarious, invites reflection by offering users large and small, the opportunity to choose whether to open up to diversity or remain confined to avoiding prejudice to address them. It is chasing dreams of love that so often women find the courage to leave behind any certainty. “Esteban look fat are now in the right place … eat me as well …” – “It’s still early,” said the lion, knowing that he would never have done, even though his male pride prevents him to confess his love … Sull ‘ wave of emotion and without my being aware of it, I find myself writing stories intended for adults in the words of children. Their language, as immediately became for me the keys to the world of children that each of us carries within himself. Move on a cow or a bottle of water stories and emotions that belong to me, it facilitated the narrative of those feelings often censored by sophisticated thinking. I hope that this “game” can help children and adults to open their hearts to others and heal any wounds.


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